Saturday, August 10, 2013

New 16 SEER 2 Stage Air Conditioner 
with 95+ Eff Natural Gas Furnace

Nice home built 12 years ago with gas pack downstairs and split AC
 with Furnace in Attic for second level. Removed gas pack and relocated
downstairs equipment to the garage.

Pulled out original duct work system that was 75% flex and 25% hard duct
and installed new duct work that is sealed and insulated to new energy code.
New duct system is 25% flex and 75% hard duct.

New system has proven to be very energy efficient and very comfortable for the client.
Wifi thermostats were also installed to allow the client to control the system with their IPad.

Original Unsealed Duct Work that used very Long Flex to Registers

New Duct work with Sealing and Insulation in PreFab condition

New Garage Location for Furnance and AC
16 SEER Two Stage AC during Evacuation - Note Meter to Check for Proper Evacuation

Monday, September 10, 2012

Adding Space to Your Home and Saving Lots of Energy $$

So how long do you wait for hot water when you go to the sink? 

The solution is a hot water re-circulation system. Timer and temperature based system keep the hot water line full of hot water for the times that you simply want to wash your hands and have instant hot water. 

Out with the Old - In with the New

Oil Fired Boiler 
Conversion to Natural Gas from Oil
Condensing Gas Boiler

High Efficiency Condensing Gas Boiler
Zoning Panel 
House heated with convectors and hot water. Installed new condensing gas boiler.

New Chimney Liner
Oil Boiler - Great in it's Day

Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Electric Radiant Floor Heating System
Houses that have a "cold" room, (usually a room on the back of the house, especially the north side) with a large glass door window can be warmed up with electric floor heating system. Works much better than the electric baseboard that the builder installed as supplemental heat.

Many homeowners have to abandon this room during the winter as it cost just to much to heat and is never really comfortable with that electric base board heater. Electric radiant floor heating opens this room back up.

Floating floor systems are used to cover the electric floor heating system.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Energy Saving Boiler that also Saves Lots of Space

Small utility rooms are very common in homes in the Norfolk area, and half the space is usually taken up by the boiler. New high efficiency gas boilers are wall hung, very quiet and also great for  making comfortable heat and lots of domestic hot water.

The "perfect storm" for a boiler replacement is:

1. Cracked and Leaky Chimney Liner
2. Old Oil Tank either leaking or potential to leak.
3. Boiler is running below 80% efficiency.

The plastic exhaust and venting system will replace a leaking chimney and switching to natural gas (if available on your street) will resolve a leaking oil tank and increase efficiency to near or over 90%. Most paybacks with today's current oil price is less than 5 years. Energy Star rebates are also available.